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Anhui Airuite Environmental Protection Technology C 0.. LTD (hereinafter referred to as Airuite), founded in 2004, is a professional company engaging in the production. research and development and sale of new energy electric floor scrubbers . In 2007, Airuite set up a joint venture with Ecovacs Robotics Co.. Ltd., Suzhou. After more than ten years' rapid development, Airuite has owned four series and more than 30 types of products, including electric sweeper, electric floor scrubber, electric sanitation vehice floor scrubber and has become a large pillar enterprise in he new energy electric floor scrubber industry in China.

Since the birth of China's first new energy electric sweeper and first floor scrubber in Airuite, by virtue of its technology advantages and comprehensive strength, Airuite has undertaken the cleaning work for major projects including the Bejing Olympic Games, Asian Games in Guangzhou, Huangshan scenic spots, the sanitation system in Nanjing and Yancheng and has been favorably recognized.At present, Aiuite’s products can be seen in the sanitation industry, large squares, tounist attractions, colleges and universities, factoris, aiports and supermarkets.

Ainuite is making every effort to transform "Made in China" into "Invented by China" by making full use of its brand advantages. Currently, the annual production and sale of its various new energy electric products totals more than 20,000 units, with an output value of over 400 million. Airuite has been among the first to set up the national industry standard for its products and owns more than one hundred national patents. A large number of R&D talents have been trained and introduced and its products' core technology has reached advanced intemational standards. Aiuite fully owns the intellectual property nights and its several products have won the honors like "National Key New Products","Anhui Famous Brand Products" and "Top 10 National Brands in the Cleaning Industry’". To meet the demands of the new energy electric floor scrubber market, Airuite continues its innovation and development and has become the leading high-tech enterprise in the industry.

Ainuite has established it own marketing and service network, including nearly one hundred marketing offices and service centers in most provincial capitals and prefectural-level cities. Airuite has developed more than 100,000 loyal customers and its products are exported to more than 10 countries.’ With the business philosophy of Ainuite's products have changed the manual work mode of municipal cleaning crews into over 90% mechanical work mode.

ln the future , Airuite will continue to complete its mission to "create beautfu surroundings and a fresh new wold by further improving its service system and innovating the products. By doing so, Aruite will bring more high quality service and products to customers.