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Factory Direct Supply Modular Cleanroom Clean Room With Hepa Filter

  • cleanroom - wikipedia

    Cleanroom - Wikipedia

    A cleanroom or clean room is an environment, typically used in manufacturing, including of pharmaceutical products or scientific research, as well as aerospace semiconductor engineering applications with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.

  • modular cleanroom design, clean room designs and configurations

    Modular Cleanroom Design, Clean Room Designs and Configurations

    Negative-Pressure Cleanrooms. Powder-Containment Clean Room. Air recirculation zone draws powders away from work station into a dual HEPA filtration system that protects both product and personnel. Adjustable air handler creates overall negative pressure to protect the external environment. Ceiling fan/ filter units

  • modular cleanrooms for all industries and applications

    Modular Cleanrooms for All Industries and Applications

    USP Compounding Clean Rooms. Prescription drug preps are performed in these USP-compliant compounding cleanrooms; ISO-rated environments at an economical price point

  • hardwall cleanroom & softwall cleanroom modular designs

    Hardwall Cleanroom & Softwall Cleanroom Modular Designs

    Hardwall Modular Clearooms feature rigid, application-specific plastic panels to meet requirements for static control, chemical resistance, and visibility. Portable softwall modular cleanrooms include flexible softwall panels with parting strip shields for access. ValuLine softwall models combine low cost and quick-ship

  • cleanroom equipment, hepa filters, air showers, & pass throughs

    Cleanroom Equipment, HEPA Filters, Air Showers, & Pass Throughs

    BioSafe® all-steel construction ensures a strong, freestanding structure that is easy to clean and sterilize. Add ceiling filter/fan units to meet cleanroom conditions throughout the room. Available in 304/316 stainless or powder-coated steel. Terras Powder Containment Room combines many benefits of a modular cleanroom,

  • cleanroom hepa filter - mac 10 ledc - modular cleanrooms

    Cleanroom Hepa Filter - MAC 10 LEDC - Modular Cleanrooms

    Providing hepa and ulpa filtration systems and cleanroom lighting. Servicing the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and microelectronic industries with clean rooms from class 1 to class 100000.

  • aluminum bio-clean cleanroom - modular cleanrooms

    Aluminum Bio-Clean Cleanroom - Modular Cleanrooms

    A 30” x 8 Class 100 work zone which includes HEPA filters, light fixtures, clear vinyl shield (to direct air flow), wall mounted IV bar and a stainless steel table cost ½ Each Aluminum Bio-Clean room comes completely factory prefabricated for minimal on-site installation time and is totally self-contained with all components

  • modular cleanroom, buildings, mezzanines, equipment - abtech

    Modular Cleanroom, Buildings, Mezzanines, Equipment - Abtech

    Abtech - manufacturer of modular inplant offices, cleanrooms, industrial wall partitions, mezzanines, and curtain walls. Abtech offers Supply air passes through a 20 x 20 x 1 pleated type pre-filter rated at 30% ASHRAE efficiency. HEPA filters are scan tested at the factory, leak thresholds according to IES-RP- scrubber-machine.

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